I’m George, so pleased to meet you.

That’s right, THE George. I know, I know. It’s perfectly delightful of you to stop by. As I assume you are here for information let me tell you a few things about my fine hostelry. Located in the Neo-Georgian splendour of Amwell Street, I offer the discerning a refined watering hole with all the comforts of home. That is, of course, if your home is furnished with an exemplary gin menu, the finest of craft beer, oodles of wine, sun bathed outdoor space, attentive staff, convivial company and a roaring hot pizza oven. Mine is!

Do stop by for a drink or a bite. I’m always at home.

Warmest Regards


Drinking monkey

Is there anything more pleasing than a drink, great company and flowing conversation? I rather think not.

But what best to accompany a cold beer, cider or glass of wine?

As a classic English man it’s got to be ham, cheese, chutneys and a pickled onion so strong it makes your fur curl. Delightful! But if I brought anything home from my grand tour of Europe it’s a love of Italy. Their culture, the landscape and of course the pizza. Thin crispy base, rich tomato sauce, melting cheese and a cold beer. Or a nice glass of red. Or white. Or both.

So whether a traditional English platter or you are releasing your Roman side I hope you enjoy!

Bookings & Private Hire

Darlings, it’s George again.

I hear you are having a gathering. Well how charming. We’d be delighted to assist. If you fancy an intimate soiree we can reserve areas for food or drinks. I personally recommend the long table. Perfect for gossiping.

If you want something more lavish well that’s my middle name. You wondered what the L stood for didn’t you? Book out the whole venue and we can talk catering, cocktails and canapes or beer, pizzas and parasols. Whatever suits you, suits me.

Click here for our platters menus and booking details.

Or contact us.

Do come on over

George L(avish) Monque

Money with umbrella